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Find a new planet in galaxy wallpaper 
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Сообщение Find a new planet in galaxy wallpaper
The galaxy is collection of billions of planets, asteroids ... our Earth is only a small planet of them. We are pleased to share these great images of galaxy wallpaper to decorate your screen with the computer so that you have a week to work and study effectively.
When people search farther in the universe, discover many more planets beyond the sun, many people wonder if our solar system unique to where. The astronaut on the trip "planet hunters" generally speaking world discovered the Earth is only a matter of time.
But a new study suggest the notion that our solar system actually very rare. A team of astronomers have studied the sun-like star of Orion nebula open cluster stars, they found that less than 10% of the stars have enough surrounding dust to form a planet the size of Jupiter.
Researcher Joshua Eisner - experts can astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley - said: "We believe that majority of stars in the galaxy are formed in dense star clusters like the Orion constellation. Therefore this means that solar systems like our own are the exception and not the rule ".
This is important because giant planets like Jupiter might become the means of supporting life on planets like Earth than rocky.
Eisner and his team observed about 250 stars in the Orion Nebula one million years old in search of dense dust clouds surrounding stars can become planets. They found that even 10% of stars liberating frequency radi indicated that they have warm dust of the primitive planet. Only 8% of stars surveyed had dust with larger volumes of solar 1/100 volume - volume lower limit is considered to be formed is the same size as the planet Jupiter.
The results also seem to match what the craftsmen "planet hunter" to find so far as they apply the term velocity studies to detect extrasolar planets around other stars. Velocity method associated with the search term phase fluctuations in operation of a star caused by the gravitational force of a planet light orbit.
However, there still is too early to be disappointed with the search for a universe full of Saturn around the sun. Due to the aforementioned survey focused only on the dust surrounding the stars and not detect any newly formed planets yet, so maybe a couple of sun-like stars had their planet.
John M. Carpenter - Astronomers at Caltech collaborated with Eisner in the constellation Orion research - said: "Maybe we're just looking for the stars not planets formed. And perhaps some other stars and planets formed. This is just a snapshot, and when observing the different constellations in different ages, we will get a more complete picture. "
There are many other interesting things about space wallpaper are waiting for us to explore, the scientists agreed that the there are many unanswered questions about the solar system in the universe there extrasolar dozen.
If it is true that implementation of solar-like stars with planets like Jupiter are rare, there is extraterrestrial life may also become scarce.
Some scientists express an opinion that our Jupiter is the means by which life formed on Earth. For one thing, large planets can protect smaller inner planets avoid strong attacks from meteorites, and not let them crash into any shoots of life are certain bloom.
Besides, large planets can push comets and small planets out of their orbits, directing them to the smaller planet. Meteorites can be the distribution system of water and organic material to the asteroid.
If you are a nature lover, literary install nature wallpaper for your desktop, please join us in the beauty of your computer and your phone, we'll help you choose the most beautiful wallpaper and that best suits your style.


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